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Ripple Effects Study Questions: Chapter Two

on October 8, 2019

Ripple Effects by Pam Tebow

Chapter Two

  1. On page 18, Pam talks about walking to church with her sister, hearing the salvation message for the first time, and accepting Christ.
    1. Do you have a story like Pam’s? If so, how did you meet Jesus the first time?
    2. If you feel comfortable sharing, please do.
  2. “My worth was centered on who I could impress and what I could achieve in my sphere of influence.” – Pam Tebow, page 20
    1. Has this ever been true of you? Did you understand your motives for desiring influence or did you, like Pam, require an awakening?
    2. Compare and contrast popularity to the type of influence Pam is encouraging us to wield.
  3. “But every woman’s story can be better than a Disney or Hallmark movie when we allow the Lord to be our Master director.” – Pam Tebow, page 27
    1. Have you seen some unexpected twists or turns when you’ve intentionally ask God to take the reins?
    2. Are there some situations in your life right now that could really benefit from a Master director’s intervention? What are they and how can we pray with and for you?
  4. What did you think about Pam’s choice “to make each child’s spiritual birthday a big deal?” (p. 28)
    1. “A spiritual birthday celebrated every year recalls the details, etching a significant decision with a permanent marker in the mind of each child.” – Pam Tebow, page 29
      • What are the ways your family celebrates birthdays?
      • Do your kids love to hear the stories of their birth?
      • What do you think celebrating spiritual birthdays could look like in your family?

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