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Menu Plan for the rest of the year – because I can. :D

Menu Plan for the rest of the year

How often do you get to say that? ūüôā

Not often enough, I think.

Thursday,¬†¬†December¬†18 – Nathan’s work Christmas party

Breakfast:  Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby, Oatmeal, and Nathan will make a fresh batch of biscuits 
Lunch: Leftover chicken soup with the rest of the biscuits
Tilapia, Pumpkin Pie Casserole, and slaw

Tasks: Pack N’s lunch. Make a new batch of tea for the kombucha. Start soaking oats for the baked oatmeal. Make a double batch of sweet onion poppyseed dressing. Soak black beans overnight.

Friday,  December 19

Breakfast: Baked oatmeal
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Sandwiches, Black Bean and Avocado Salad, and lettuce salad

Tasks: Make the waffle mix found in “Against All Grain.”¬†Pull stew meat out of the freezer before bed. Crock pot cook the black beans.

Saturday,  December 20 Рlast music lesson for the year

Breakfast: Waffles
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Beef Stew with corn, okra, tomatoes, beans, and beer – totally making this up as I go, based on the faint recollection of a really good (similar) stew from Cracker Barrel.

Tasks: Pack lunches for girls to eat while driving to violin lessons.

Sunday,  December 21 РNo cooking on Sundays! Serving in WL this evening. 

Breakfast: Leftover waffles
Lunch: Leftovers and sandwiches
Dinner: Leftovers

Tasks: Pack N’s lunch.

Monday, December 22

Breakfast: Cherry muffins and THM cinnamon muffins
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Baked chicken legs, lettuce salad, green beans 

Tasks:  Start a batch of sourdough bread early a.m. Bake bread in the afternoon. Start soaking sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil to get ready for pasta salad.

Tuesday, December 23

Breakfast: Lemon Berry Coffeecake
Lunch: Leftovers
Salmon patties with lemon sour cream and broccoli

Tasks:  Start a double batch of sourdough pancakes.

Wednesday,  December 24 РN working from home, Family (part 1) arriving

Breakfast: Sourdough pancakes Рif any batter left over, work on the savory pancake recipe again.
Lunch: Leftovers
Whiting with lemon cream sauce, baked potato/sweet potato bar 

Tasks: Make pasta salad for tomorrow. Use the crock pot to bake potatoes and sweet potatoes during the day.

Thursday,  December 25 РChristmas, Family (part 2) arriving, Family (part 1) leaving

Breakfast: Fried eggs, biscuits, and Low Carb Cheese Danish
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Steak, Savory sweet potatoes with bacon and swiss, pasta salad (Add ins = swiss cheese, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms)

Tasks: Thaw out steaks and bacon.

Friday,  December 26  РN off РFamily (part 2) leaving, along with 2-3 kids

Breakfast: Waffles
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Chickpeas with dill*, marathi rice* and Grain-free flat bread to wrap them both.

Tasks: Thaw out chick peas.

Saturday,  December 27 Рdown 2-3 kids

Breakfast: Autoimmune Paleo Apple Crisp
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Meatballs and leftover sides.

Tasks: Pull meatballs from freezer. Make BBQ sauce for the meatballs.

Sunday, December 28 РNo cooking on Sundays! down 2-3 kids

Breakfast: Leftovers
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Leftovers


Monday,¬†December¬†29¬† – N off – Rafe’s birthday. Usually, we let the birthday kid plan the menu for the day, but he may not be here.

Breakfast: French toast with berries
Lunch: Leftovers
“Cheesy” Chicken Casserole¬†(doubled) and salad


Tuesday, December 30 РN off, down 2-3 kids

Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby¬†(and oatmeal, if there are kids around who don’t like it)
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Simple Chicken and Spinach Enchilada Casserole

Tasks:  Check on kombucha.

Wednesday, December 31 РN working from home, down 2-3 kids

Breakfast: Spinach & Sausage Egg Muffins Рdouble batch
Lunch: Leftovers



*From the amazing Indian cookbook, “5 Spices, 50 Dishes.” If you love Indian food, but don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen, you will love this book.

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“Mama? Mama, tell me a story.”

“Mama? Mama, tell me a story.”

Oh, child of mine.
My story well has run dry
I’m plumb out of imagination.

There are clothes to wash
And dishes to do
And the constant, constant draining needs
Don’t allow for rumination.

My brain is tired.
My heart beats slow.
With promises to keep
And miles to go

Before I sleep,
Before I sleep.
The words of others
Must suffice for stories for you,
my little love.

You ask for memories of my youth.
I can’t remember half the time
(and that’s the truth)
unless something specific throws up a flare
And highlights a memory hiding there
in the recesses of my cranial space.

Then, words pour forth
Like water from the rock
And you soak up your heritage
Like a sponge…

Oh, little one, little one,
Eldest fruit, carried full length minus two weeks
The story of your passage to this world
Draws you in again and again.

So hungry for your history.

Oh, God, Most High, help me love her well.

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