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Our Baby Story

Recently, one of our associate pastors came to us and asked us to make an audio recording of our story. He was getting ready to do a sermon series on miracles and he was wanting some local examples. Here’s the transcript:

“In 1997, a doctor told me that I had a uterine anomaly that would most likely prevent me from having children. I might be able to get pregnant, but I would have miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage. If, by some miracle I did not miscarry, then I would have to be on bedrest for up to six months to safeguard the life of my child. Heartbroken, I took away from that meeting the “fact” that I could not have children. I was 19.

When I was 23, I entered into a courtship with Nathan B——. I remember telling him that he might want to find someone else to marry if he wanted children. I remember asking him how he felt about adoption. I remember that he smiled at me and said that we’d jump that bridge when we came to it. We were married the following June.

About three years later, we were ready to jump into parenthood. We knew what we’d been told. We knew that the cards were seemingly stacked against us. But – we also knew that God was bigger than any diagnosis and that he could reshuffle the deck.

We also knew that the Bible was full of women who had had miracle babies. Sarah had Isaac, Rachel had Joseph and Hannah had Samuel. If he did it for them, he could do it for us.

And so, it was with great rejoicing that we discovered I was pregnant in the spring of 2005. And it was with great sorrow that we discovered I had miscarried about three months later. There had been no signs, no symptoms that anything was amiss. We felt the doctor’s predictions hitting home and had to really exercise our faith that this was not going to be our reality – of seeing life flicker and then dwindle again and again.

Seven months later, we were pregnant once more. It was a day by day walk of faith, and I frequently wavered with “what ifs”. Thankfully, our God is faithful. When I was weak, he showed his strength. He used our church family as a life boat for me – people were praying for me and our child, for grace to abound to us, for a safe, healthy full-term pregnancy. And with each day that went by, my faith grew stronger and my miracle baby grew more sure.

Cassandra Joy was born in October, 2006.

Seventeen months later, Sarah Rose was born in March, 2008.

Twenty-two months later, Raphael Anthony was born in December of 2009.

And, Baby B—— #4 will be making the world a better place in March of 2012.

A miracle and a baby have a great deal in common. The seed of faith and the seed of man are both planted, one in a heart and one in a womb. Both are meant to be nourished and nurtured until it’s time to break forth to the glory of God. Sometimes, by the way we respond or react, we can uproot that seed and nullify what God would do in, through and for us. Don’t be the person who almost had a miracle.”

It is my hope and prayer that this provides encouragement to those of you in the midst of rough times.

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Romans 15:13, NIV)





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Who knew the squirrels liked fish?

Gone Fishin'

So…we’re coming into the house from a grocery trip. One of the girls dropped her snack cup.

/sigh  “I’ll get it later.”

Then, while the kids are eating lunch, I look out the window and see that a local fisherman beat me to it.  😀


May your day be as filled with unexpected smiles and blessings.

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Happy birthday to me! (And, where I’ve been for the last month)

So…uh…Jess? What happened to the every (other) day posts that you were going to do? You know…that whole “stick with something other than marriage and mommyhood for more than 60 days” business?

Well…it’s been a busy and rough first trimester.

Yup! You read that correctly. The Boniface Baby Production plant has spun back up and recommenced manufacturing.  🙂

When I went in for my appointment last week, I was given a due date of 3/12/12.

This date is interesting to us for a couple of reasons.

First, Nathan’s birthday is the Tuesday before. So…if we end up doing another planned C-section, baby and daddy may end up sharing a birthday.

This, however, would involve me making it to 39 weeks. Something that I have never done before. All of my babies have been born at 38 weeks and a few days…all three. Which is what brings us to reason #2:

2012 is a leap year…and February 29 would be 38 weeks and 2 days. /snicker

So, it will be very interesting to see what happens.  🙂

We’ve already been blessed with a crib. Some of our neighbors were getting rid of theirs and they offered it to us. It’s beautiful and is helping Rafe get acquainted with the thought of having a roommate.

So…that’s the news for now. More later!


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