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Book Study: Ripple Effects, Introduction

on September 23, 2019

Ripple Effects by Pam Tebow

Questions regarding the Introduction:

  1. “Over time, through challenges and setbacks, stretches of monotony and anonymity, we each have the opportunity to positively influence others. Even when we don’t realize it.” P. Tebow, page xiii
    1. Who are some of the people, parents or otherwise, who positively influenced you as a child or young adult?
    2. Do you think they know about the impact they had on you?
  2. “I have the tendency to be a people pleaser, and my heart ached to think that my people-pleasing ripples might negatively influence my boys. – P. Tebow, page xv
    1. You don’t need to answer out loud, but do you see any of your particular weaknesses manifesting in your children? How does that make you feel?
  3. “God will use your story to powerfully tell His story.” – P. Tebow, page xvi
    1. Have you ever heard someone tell about their life or read a biography of someone who has trusted God to write his/her life story?
    2. If so, how did you feel afterward? Did it give you hope that you could change your story too?
  4. “Like this woman, we all need to know that we are part of a bigger plan. There is more to life than the daily routine; we are created to have an impact that echoes into eternity.” – P. Tebow, page xvii
    1. Do you ever feel like you are nothing more than a robot nursemaid? Are there certain things that happen that ricochet you into that state (overly full schedule, not getting enough sleep, perfectionist expectations, etc.)?
  5. “Our influence is not about whether we are adequate. It’s about allowing God to use us and our experiences to leave an eternal imprint on the people we encounter in our lives.” – P. Tebow, page xvii
    1. What does this mean or say to you?
  6. “I want to continually learn, so that I can be a fresh, flowing stream rather than a stagnant pool.” Dr. Howard Hendricks, page xx
    1. How do you move from feeling stagnant to forward motion? Do you think it’s possible in your current season of motherhood? Why or why not?

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