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Recent Haiku

on December 29, 2013

Now…this is not to say that these are any good. Just to say that they are recent. And that they are haiku. 🙂

The challenge of matching words to a predetermined 5/7/5 syllable format has become a fun (and emotionally satisfying) exercise as of late.  If you appreciate haiku and have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Or, if you’d like to share your own, please leave a comment.


You, rooted beneath
Wintry waves, your branches raised
Like a cry for help


Arm wrestling words
Forcing them into a place
Relieved when they fit


Fire shut up inside
My bones groan and my heart aches
How long, O my Lord?


Clinging to your hand
The water threatens my breath
Trust spreads wide  my lungs


Write down the vision
and make it plain. Make it sing
A constant refrain.


Silent and solemn
Pensive thoughts cause furrowed brows
Folded hands lie still

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