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Goals for January 28- February 2, 2013

on January 28, 2013

Knowing the power of accountability…here we go! I’ll check in next week on the same topic with a synopsis of how I did attaining these goals along with a fresh set.

Goals for January 28- February 2, 2013

  • Finalize the list of supplements I need to order for our Gluten- and Dairy-Free trial
  • Order said supplements. 😉
    • (Psst! Have you ever ordered from They have fantastic prices!)
  • Continue to research meal ideas for February.
  • Continue to write out my story of nutritional healing so that I can share with it on this blog.
  • Walk/run three times this week.
    • I currently have a cold, so I won’t be running today, but I don’t want to lose my C25K progress either. Maintenance is the order of the day until I’ve beaten the cold off.
  • Work on the kids’ packing list.
    • Nathan and I are going away for a week in March. With four kids going four different places, I can’t let this wait until the last minute.
  • Strain the herbs off of the Herbal Multivitamin Glycerin Tincture so we can start using it.
  • Call the doctors’ offices that have been recommended to me and see if they’re accepting new patients.
  • Make progress on one of the kid crafts currently in the works.
  • Work on one of the Creativity Challenge projects.
  • Finish “What’s Eating Your Child?” and start “The Mood Cure.”
  • Write a love note to my husband.
  • Get the Romans Project papers glued into a spiral bound pack of index cards and work on catching up to the current week’s memory verses.
    • Anybody want to be a Scripture Memory Skype buddy? 😀

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