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Eat Down the Pantry, Week 3 Menu

on January 12, 2013

In case you’re just now joining us, we’re participating in Good Cheap Eats‘ January 2013 “Eat Down the Pantry” Challenge.

Week 3

This weeks sees us upping the amounts of rice and beans as we continue eating through our stockpile. I did cheat a little bit and buy 4 gallons of super awesome non-homogenized, grassfed cow’s milk from the creamery when we went up to NC last week. They’ve been added to our freezer stash to be pulled out as needed for baby. I also stocked up on organic sucanat from Bryson’s Farm Supply as it’s a much better price there than anything I’ve seen online. Since I was in town anyway, right? 😉

Also, it’s time to tackle some of our more exotic oddities. Grape leaves and pine nuts, arborio rice and lamb necks – it’s time to work them in. We also get to take advantage of bringing our bucket of mint plants with us as Friday night’s dinner calls for a teaspoon of fresh mint.

Sunday, January 13

Breakfast: Fried Mush…no, really. That’s what the recipe is called. It’s a way to use all of our leftover oatmeal and have pancakes at the same time. Win!
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Spinach and Carrots Pullao (on the stove top), cornbread and Crockpot Arborio Rice Pudding

Tasks: Pull out two jars of chicken broth for tomorrow’s soup, pull out a bag of chickpeas for tomorrow’s dinner, boil extra “about to expire” eggs for snacks, make coconut flour muffins

Monday, January 14

Breakfast: Eggs with toast and yogurt
Lunch: Chicken Soup
Vegan Dad’s Cajun Chickpea Patties with Tahini-Tamari sauce and salad

Tasks: Make bread, make breadmaker deli rolls, check kombucha

Tuesday, January 15

Breakfast: Banana smoothies, coconut flour muffins, and breakfast rice*
Dinner: Snobby Joe’s with deli rolls and butternut squash fries

Tasks: Pull lamb necks out of the freezer, soak oats for tomorrow’s breakfast, save butternut squash seeds for roasting

Wednesday, January 16

Breakfast: Oatmeal with butter, milk and honey
Lunch: Leftovers
Lamb neck stew with lard biscuits

Tasks: Have the kids help make biscuits. Double or triple the recipe and freeze some before baking.

Thursday, January 17

Breakfast: Pancakes and sauteed apples
Lunch: PBJ’s or leftovers
Date night!

Tasks: Soak oats for breakfast, soak flour for pita bread, pull grated cucumber and ground meat out of the freezer for tomorrow’s dinner.

Friday, January 18

Breakfast: Baked oatmeal
Lunch: leftovers
Stuffed Grape Leaves with Pita Bread, Hummus, Black Olives, and Tzatziki Sauce

Tasks: Re-read grape leave tutorial, make pita bread, hummus, and tzatziki sauce

Saturday, January 19

Breakfast: Pancakes or waffles, chef’s choice
Lunch: leftovers
leftovers or homemade pizza

*Breakfast rice is something we while had growing up that is highly reminiscent of Horchata, a Latino rice milk drink. It tastes remarkably similar, but is much less exotic, in that it’s only cooked white rice with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar, topped with milk.

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