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My 2013 Reading List and Follow Up from Last Year

on January 2, 2013

Last year, I posted my desired reading list. I was, as I am now, in an itchy, “I can do more with my time if I will just be intentional” spot.

And, ahem, after re-reading said list, I was rather appalled. Of the 33 books I listed, I only managed to fully read four of them. Uh…yeah. (/blush) I read more than four books last year, but I definitely did *not* stick to the list.

I am going to extend myself grace, however, and try again. There was the whole “having a baby and recovering from a C-section” and “packing up our family of 6 and moving to another state and then living out of boxes for awhile” parts of last year that likely won’t be happening again this year. Also, when re-reading that list, I was reminded that I still don’t have several of them…making it rather difficult to read them. 😉

So…some of the books from last year’s list are re-appearing in this year’s (much!) pared down list. I’m still working through the Old Testament and it is my hope to read through the New Testament twice this year. I’m eliminating the Tech section entirely and intend to focus on some online courses to further my skills there.

Without further ado, I present my slimmed and trimmed 2013 reading list. You’ll note an extreme focus on homeschooling and parenting books – our oldest turns seven this year and we will have to officially start homeschooling. I need ideas for what that is supposed to look like! 🙂


  • This Earthly Pilgrimage by Walter Wangerin Jr. – if you’ve never read his book “Ragman and Other Cries of Faith”, included in this compilation,  it’s beautiful. I’ve been reading his short story “Lily”  to my kids, hoping to root within them the reality of the resurrection – even when surrounded by naysayers.


  • Read “Part 4: Coming Home: How to Educate Your Child at Home” of The Well-Trained Mind by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer


  • A Healer in Every Home by Begabati Lennihan – I actually did read this last year, but want to read it again.


  • Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend – started and got stuck. My husband really recommends it, though.



  • 50 Books to Enjoy with Kids by Veronica Getskow with daughters Jessica Fisher and Janel Piersma – this is found at the fabulous Life as Mom blog.



  • Good to Great by Jim Collins – I absolutely loved this the first time I read it…back in 2005. Time to re-read! And, since we’ve moved, I don’t have to re-purchase it – it finally turned up! Hooray!


  • Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel – I bought this last year, knowing that I had it in my reading list.


  • One Thousand Gifts by Anne Voskamp – After buying it twice and giving it away both times, I’m finally going to read it! Anne’s blog is amazing and oozes with the grace and poetry of communion with Christ.


  • Home by Choice by Brenda Hunter – I’ve read this before, but a refresher won’t hurt! 🙂


Want to make your own reading list? Here’s a link to the printout I downloaded from the Money Saving Mom website.

*I don’t own this one yet. I’ll be checking and our local library to see if either of them have it.


4 responses to “My 2013 Reading List and Follow Up from Last Year

  1. Joy says:

    I have made a goal to read 52 books this year. However, I do not have a list of those books. 🙂 I do have several on my nightstand right now, but I am not for sure what will be there after I read those!

    • jboniface says:

      How’s your reading goal going, Joy? I think I’m liking your idea of setting a number and then deciding as I go along what to read next. Especially (!), as I’ve not looked at this page in a coon’s age and have done none of them. I’ve started a few, but not followed through. /sigh

  2. […] I did with my 2013 Reading List, I’ve loosely modeled it upon what I’ve seen work for Money Saving […]

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