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Cooked Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

on December 29, 2012

My. Oh. My.


This buttercream is amazing. The tutorial is outstanding with great pictures. Be sure to read it over several times before getting started.

To make it chocolate, don’t add the full Tablespoon of vanilla at the end. Just add 1 tsp. of vanilla and 1/4 c. of cocoa powder while the mixer is still running. Let it mix the cocoa powder in fully and then scrape down the sides of the bowl. Briefly mix again and then – you know you want to – break out a clean spoon and taste it.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Wasn’t that awesome? 😀

Yeah. That’s good. This is what I’m going to use to frost my son’s third birthday cake. He wanted “brown cake with brown icing and brown candles.” I don’t know about the candles, but I can hook him up with chocolate cake and this icing.

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