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Teaching a Two Year Old Boy to *Want* to Wash His Hands

on October 17, 2012

How did I manage this?

It was absolutely accidental, I assure you.

Since our recent move to Georgia, there have been some new kid “-isms” emerging. Some of them have been fun, others – not so much.

One of these “-isms” is that Rafe, our lone son, has been having an absolute fit when it comes time to wash his hands and face after a meal. And, ahem, this is a very necessary part of our mealtime routine.

Rafe as he's eating oatmeal with his hands

Woohoo! Oatmeal for breakfast!










Rafe, after eating yogurt

Bet you didn’t know that you could eat yogurt with your hands, did you?













So…yeah. Hand washing is a rather key part of our after meal routine.

However, since we’ve moved to a new house in a new state and everything’s gone rather topsy turvy, Rafe has decided that he’s just not into post-meal hand washing. As in, he pretty much starts kicking and screaming every. stinking. time. /sigh

This morning, after eating his two bowls of cheerios and honey, scavenging around the table for anyone else’s unattended cereal bowls, begging for a piece of bread, and spilling Cassie’s water cup on the table, he was in sore need of a clean up. I was in the middle of changing baby girl’s diaper when he decided he was done, so I wasn’t able to get to him before he got to his train set and acquired the main player in our soon to unfold drama.

The pig.

Rafe and his little hard plastic pig

Rafe and his pig










After I finished with Katelyn, I, too, needed to wash my hands. I scooped Rafe up and the kicking and screaming commenced as I marched him into the bathroom. Propping one foot up on the stool (everything in this house is sooo much taller than we’re used to!), I set him on my lap and turn on the water. He’s kicking, squirming, and clutching the pig. That’s when I had the idea. “Hey, Rafe! Let’s give the piggy a bath! Don’t you want to help give the piggy a bath?”

He stops squirming and gets excited. “Yeah!”

I hand him the bar of soap and together we suds up Mr. Pig. I insure that he handles the bar of soap with both hands, he insures that Mr. Pig gets soapy, and then we both make sure that Mr. Pig (and his hands!) gets fully clean.

Hooray for Mr. Pig! Hooray for inspired ideas! Hooray for blogs to share the fun! 😉

I hope your day is blessed, friends! I also hopes this works again at lunchtime! hehe

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