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Mac and Cheese Makeover

on September 14, 2012

Let me start this off by saying that I am NOT a mac and cheese fan.

This recipe, however, has changed my mind.

I was assigned to make mac and cheese for 20 for a recent dinner meeting. I figured that someone was having fun with me as my loathing of mac and cheese is fairly well known. :p

This recipe though…it was amazing. I learned how to temper an egg from the great video embedded on the page. I used a multicheese mix from the store, but also shredded some parmesan and asiago cheeses into it. Instead of the regular elbows, I used brown rice macaroni.

Lemme say it again: it was amazing. it was so good that after Nathan left for the meeting (I was keeping 2 sick kiddos home so as to not spread whatever “ick” they were fighting off), I used the leftover noodles and cheese to make another batch.

Between the two batches, where the first batch had the bread crumbs followed the recipe and the second batch was neither crumbed nor baked, the second one was the better of the two. And, without bread crumbs, this recipe could easily become gluten-free by subbing some arrowroot powder for the flour.

So…while I’ll continue to pass on Kraft’s or even Annie’s, I can easily see Alton’s Mac and Cheese gracing our table again soon. And this time, no assignment will be necessary. 🙂


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