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FB Food for Thought: Why we *need* to read to feed

on January 10, 2012

heh…alliterate much, Jess?

A young lady that I know was asking why we need to know God’s word, why we need to read the Bible daily, why we need to pray, why we need to learn all about God to have/walk in relationship with him…basically, she was curious as to the basics of growing as a Christian.

I took a little time (and it took a bit of time as there were babies running around and screaming, etc. , hehe…Ā  šŸ™‚Ā  ) and responded to her post. Another lady read my response and said I needed to print it out and post it. I’m not sure about the printing, but, as I have my own little corner of the internet here, I figured I could handle the posting part.Ā  ;D

So…here goes:

Her post:

“why do we need to know God word? Why do we need to read Gods word every day? why do we need to need to pray every day?why do we need to know everything about God to have a realtionship woth me????? just wondering!?!??!?!?!!??!???!”

My response:

“How often do you need to eat? How often do you need to sleep?

As a Christian, you are made up of 3 parts: spirit (the part of you that was born when you accepted Jesus), soul (your mind, your will, and your emotions), and body (uh…yeah, pretty self-explanatory).

You feed your body 2-3 times a day, usually. You rest your body 1 or 2 times a day/night, usually.

You need to feed your spirit, too. The food of the spirit is the bread of life – aka Jesus. Jesus is also called the Word. By taking time to daily read the Bible (God’s word), you are feeding your spirit what it needs to both survive and thrive. It’s the spiritual equivalent of eating our fruits and vegetables. We can get by without it, but that’s all we’re going to do – get by. We won’t walk in the vibrant spiritual health that God desires for us. Instead, we will wither up and barely make it and “Oh, woe is me! God must not care about me.” Or, because we don’t know God’s word (because we haven’t been reading and studying it!), anyone that comes along and sounds spiritual will turn our heads and we’ll fall away from God’s ways and follow someone else. The Bible specifically warns us about this happening to people who are more interested in making themselves feel good than they are about following God. šŸ˜¦

You also need to rest your spirit. We rest our spirits when we take moments to pause and reflect on spiritual things – God, his plans and purposes for our lives, and his word. We rest our spirits when we worship him, when we recognize that he’s in charge and we are not, when we let the weight of the world fall off of our shoulders and into his capable hands.

Your soul, however, is a bit different. How do you feel your mind, your will and your emotions? Well…it’s in the same basic way that you feed the other parts of yourself – by what you put into it. Except, that instead of using your mouth (used to feed your body), you’re using your other senses. What are you allowing your eyes to watch? What are you letting your ears hear?

When you become a Christian, there are years of well…garbage, generally, that have been fed into our minds and our hearts. Self-esteem issues and bad habits, faulty thought processes and unrealistic romantic ideas, etc. that we have nurtured within us for years. And, now, Christ has come in and made us new! Old things have passed away – HOORAY!

So…now that the initial buzz has worn off, why am I still struggling? Why do I still want to fight with my mom or call my brother names or do this, that or the other thing? It’s because of the state of our soul. In order for our souls to walk in the passion and the purpose that Jesus died and rose again for, we have got to re-build our souls.

How do we do that? By feeding and nurturing our spirits every day, as many times a day as we need to. By learning his word, so that when the same old situations arise, we can cling to what he says instead of what we used to think. This is what allows us to win at life.

Jesus talked about this when he told the parable of the Good Shepherd. He said that his sheep know his voice and follow him. When we spend time in the Bible and prayer everyday, we are training ourselves to be able to recognize His voice. He describes his voice as being still, small…something that we have to be still to hear. There are lots of other voices that we have to be able to sift through…ours, our parents, our friends, our culture, our coworkers, etc. Daily time in the word helps us to train our ears to hear.

Hope that helps, dear. šŸ˜€ ā™„”

It blessed me to write this for her. Hopefully, it will bless (and encourage!) you, too.


2 responses to “FB Food for Thought: Why we *need* to read to feed

  1. LeeAnna says:

    I have been blessed by reading this. Thanks Jessica

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