Jessica's Jottings:

On faith, food, family and frugality


on December 7, 2011

Oh, heavy heart,
Would that I could pluck you from my chest
And carry you in a bucket
Until such time
As equilibrium is restored.

RIP Tiffany Opal Winkler
6 lb, 9 oz
20 in.

We longed for your company. We mourn at your passing. We wonder at what may have been.

2 responses to “Heavy

  1. Becky Peck says:

    Thinking of you and yours!!

    • jboniface says:

      Thanks, Becky!

      It’s been a wakeup call, that’s for sure. I’d been really hoping to have a VBAC for #4 and I don’t know that I would have received the OB’s cautions as seriously as I did after walking through this.

      I hope that you are well!

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