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Why I like to buy 15 lbs of bananas at a time (or, Why the Food Lion cashiers cringe when they see me coming)

on July 9, 2011
A small portion of my recent acquisition

eh...this is nothing! 😉

 I can hear the question now: “So…Jess, why on earth would you buy 15 lbs of bananas at a time?” 

Quite simply – we like smoothies.

A  lot.

It’s an easy way to work our homemade plain yogurt (probiotics and calcium), fruit (2 bananas/blenderful gives fiber plus potassium all while providing a fairly neutral sweetening), coconut cream (a healthy fat), and whatever other fruit I want to throw in for the main flavor (favorites include frozen peaches or strawberries, although recently we’ve been using our wild blackberries). Last night, I added a little extra milk, some pure maple syrup and…cocoa powder.

Oh. my.

But, let’s get back to the bananas. And the huge quantities.

First, let me be very clear: I’m fairly lazy. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over and over again if there’s an alternative. By buying 10-15 lbs. at a time, I can do a lot in one fell swoop and be set for a month or two.Also, I can get bananas at Food Lion for $.35/lb. if I get the bananas that are actually ripe (as opposed to the green bananas that are $.19 more/lb.). These are kept separate and marked with white sticky tape around their middle.

15 lb x $.35/lb = $5.25

15 lb x $.54/lb = $8.15

That’s almost a $3.00 difference! (You did see the word “Frugal” at the top of the page, right?)   😉 

But…what do you do with 15 lbs of bananas? 

First, I sort them. Some of them are still quite good-looking. I set these aside for us to eat on. The kids love fresh bananas. Admittedly, sometimes Rafe loves to smear them all over his person, but usually some of the banana makes it into his mouth. 

Prepping bananas for the freezer

Prepping bananas for the freezer

Then, it’s time to break out the waxed paper, some gallon-sized freezer bags, a butter knife and a plate or a cutting board. 

Rip off a bunch of sheets of waxed paper that are roughly 6 inches long and then commence the banana peeling.

Set the peeled bananas aside on the plate or cutting board until they are all peeled. 

Then, take two bananas and lay them lengthwise on a sheet of waxed paper. (If you lay the bananas out so that both the paper and the fruit have their length together, you won’t need as much waxed paper to get the job done.)

Taking the butter knife, cut the bananas into chunks between 3/4 – 1 1/2 inches long.

Fold each side of the paper over the length of the bananas, finishing with folding the top and bottom over.

Turn your wrapped bananas over and lay them, seam side down, in the first freezer bag. 

Keep going until you’ve used all your bananas.

Put them in the freezer and now you’re set. 

Want to make banana bread? No need to run to the store – hit your stash in the freezer. 

Want smoothies? You’re good to go. 

Need a quick treat for the kids? Frozen bananas are quite tasty – freezing them seems to concentrate their natural sweetness. (Sometimes, we’ll wrap whole peeled bananas in aluminum foil and freeze them that way.  We call them bananasicles. Creamy, smooth and pure fruit!) 

Frozen bananas - what they look like

Muahahaha...your doom is sealed - it's the blender for the likes of you!

One last picture to show you what they look like when they’re frozen. Unlike refrigerating bananas, which seems to turn them brown, frozen bananas maintain their creamy color.

So, do you still think I’ve gone bananas? (hehe…c’mon – it had to be said!)

What are your favorite uses for bananas? Have you ever tried freezing them?

10 responses to “Why I like to buy 15 lbs of bananas at a time (or, Why the Food Lion cashiers cringe when they see me coming)

  1. Becky Peck says:

    Great info. I’ve always just stuck the whole banana in a freezer bag. Love this idea much better. I don’t get a great consistency with mine. Thanks banabarama. 😉

  2. Heather says:

    Look out Food Lion, here I come!

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  5. Hello, thanks for sharing your banana tips! I make a lot of smoothies in the summer but have never thought of freezing the bananas, it would save me a lot of time going back and forth to the shops 🙂

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  9. Love this idea! We just started our smoothie kick here and been banana crazy. Thanks for this post. I found it on Pinterest!

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