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MSG-free taco seasoning

on June 23, 2011

A couple of days ago, Wal-Mart had turkey burgers on sale. I don’t remember the brand name, just that they’re relatively new to WM, hormone/antibiotic free, humanely raised turkey products.

They were also delicious.  😀

We had a couple of burgers left over and, in the interest of COST (Cook once, serve twice), I crumbled the remaining burgers to make taco salads. The meat went into the skillet with a little water and several dashes of our bottle of Mexican Spice Blend.

Mexican Spice Blend – I found it in a sidebar of the first cookbook I ever bought – don’t laugh (too much) – Susan Powter’s “Hey Mom, I’m Hungry”. It’s super easy, inexpensive and versatile. Basically, it’s equal parts of: garlic powder, ground oregano and ground cumin. As I can buy larger containers of garlic powder and cumin, I let the size of the ground oregano container determine how big of a batch it will be. I mix them all together in a bowl and then use a funnel to pour the blend into a spice jar with a rocking packing tape label. In the size of batches that I make, it’s enough to fill one whole spice jar (labelled “Mexican Spice Blend”) and part of an extra jar (labelled “Mexican Spice Blend overflow”). I work off of the overflow jar first and then move on to the primary.

This spice blend can be used for taco seasoning, fajita seasoning, chili seasoning…sheesh, if I’m making a Mexican style pizza, I’ll even add the spice blend to the dough as outlined here.

So, versatile? Check.

Easy? Also, check.

And, given how many different things you can make out of one batch of this taco seasoning as opposed to needing two packets of store-bought taco seasoning, it’s inexpensive. Check!

(Plus…you know me, the ingredient control freak? By rolling my own, I know that there aren’t any sneaky excitotoxins hiding out in there – a definite win in my book!)

Do you have a different taco/chili/fajita seasoning recipe? Please share! 😀

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